Pizza Specials at Tomato Charlie’s Pizza! - tomato charlie's pizza aruba Restaurant in Palm Beach Aruba

Pizza Specials at Tomato Charlie’s Pizza!

Pizza Specials at Tomato Charlie’s Pizza!

Pizza Specials at Tomato Charlie’s Pizza!

All You need to know about Tomato Charlie’s Pizza in Aruba

At Tomato Charlie’s you can always choose the build-your own option to put exactly what you want on your oven-fresh Chicago-Style Thin-Crust pizza, but you can also choose one of our four specialty pizzas described below. And if you follow us on Facebook Tomato Charlie and/or Instagram Tomato Charlie’s , you’ll see all the great pizza specials that we offer throughout each week!

Specialty Pizzas at Tomato Charlie’s!

Try one of our specialty pizzas today! We’ve got FOUR to choose from and THREE ways for you to order: 1) Online at our website, 2) By calling our regular phone number at +297 597-7613, or 3) Via WhatsApp at using the chat in our website. And you can enjoy FREE delivery in the neighborhoods around the low-rise and high-rise resort areas of Palm Beach and Eagle Beach!

specialty pizzas Tomato Charlie Aruba
Tomato Charlie’s veggie pizza

Tomato Charlie’s Veggie Pizza: Remember how your mom was always telling you to eat your veggies when you were a kid? We think our veggie pizza is one the most enjoyable ways to get a few veggies into you system, like spinach, green peppers, sweet onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. The fact that they’re delivered to your mouth by way of a delicious slice (or two or three) of perfectly-baked Chicago-Style Thin-Crust PIZZA is a total BONUS, right? Enjoy!




Hawaiian specialty pizza at Tomato Charlie’s
Tomato Charlie’s Hawaiian pizza

Tomato Charlie’s Hawaiian Pizza: Featuring thinly sliced ham, pineapples and extra cheese, the Hawaiian specialty pizza at Tomato Charlie’s is incredibly popular with some people. Why only some? Opinions are sharply divided about Hawaiian pizza around the world. It’s one of the most common and beloved pizzas in places like the United Kingdom and Australia but is often the object of ridicule for some people, especially in the US but also other places. Apparently, people have strong opinions about Hawaiian pizza. The man credited with inventing it, Sam Panopoulos, passed away in 2017. The Greek-Canadian first assembled a Hawaiian pizza in 1962 at the Satellite Restaurant in Chatham, Ontario. There was no way he could have known how controversial his creation would become. The president of Iceland, Guðni Johannesson, was taking questions from high school students when one decided to ask him what he thought of pineapple as a pizza topping. He famously said he was fundamentally opposed to pineapple as a topping on pizza and would actually ban it if he could. Such fierce debates ensued about Hawaiian pizza that the press jokingly dubbed the whole thing “Pineapple gate!” So where do you stand on this important issue of the day? Order our Hawaiian pizza and decide for yourself!

Signature Tomato Charlie's pizza Aruba
Tomato Charlie’s Pizza

Signature Tomato Charlie’s Pizza: A guy named Charlie started his own pizza shop way back in 1957, and we’re proud to continue this tradition today more than 60 years later in Aruba! Charlie had strong Italian roots, and one of his all-time favorite dishes was authentic Italian sausage, so it seemed perfectly natural to add it to his pizzas. How is Italian sausage different from other sausage? First, let’s start with the type of meat and assume we’re talking about pork. From there it’s really a matter of which spices predominate. In regular American breakfast sausage, sage takes center stage, but in Italian sausage it’s fennel and/or anise both of which give that licorice flavor and scent.



BBQ Chicken Pizza Aruba
Tomato Charlie’s BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tomato Charlie’s BBQ Chicken Pizza: Another of our specialty pizzas is the BBQ chicken with strips of BBQ chicken Pizza, mushrooms and onions. The idea of putting BBQ chicken on pizza is a relatively recent idea, dating back to 1985 when famous pizza chef Ed LaDou created it for the very first menu of the California Pizza Kitchen. But even before that, when LaDou was cooking for Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in Los Angeles, he was creating all kinds of unique pizzas with unexpected toppings, and were very popular with diners. In fact, when people talk about California-Style pizza, it’s a style based on the unique toppings as opposed to other aspects of the pizza like the dough or shape or crust (see our Pizza Style Guidepost for more on various pizza styles). LaDou passed away in 2007, but his legacy lives on in BBQ chicken pizza variations in pizzerias all over the world, including right here at Tomato Charlie’s!

Pizza Specials at Tomato Charlie’s!

We love running special offers and raffles – all you have to do is follow us on Faebook and/or Instagram to take advantage of great specials like these:

Mum’s No Cook Monday – Two pizzas for the price of one!

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Win-a-Pizza Tuesday – Like and share the post for a chance to win a FREE large pizza!

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Love Your Pizza Thursday – Share a photo of you loving your slice and get a second pizza for FREE!

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Sharing is Caring Friday – Share the post to your timeline with a comment about why you like Tomato Charlie’s for a chance to win a FREE large pizza!

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Pizza-Eating Contest – An occasional contest at the store to see who can eat the most pizza in 3 minutes. The winner gets $50 worth of FREE pizza!

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Sunday Family Pizza Day – Order two large pizzas and get a FREE pitcher of soda!

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We hope you’ll enjoy all our specialty pizzas and pizza specials here at Tomato Charlie’s Pizza! Order  Online at our website or call us at +297 597-7613 or via WhatsApp at 597-7613 with FREE delivery to selected neighborhoods around Palm Beach and Eagle Beach!