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PIZZA is one of the most popular foods on the planet and in Aruba, and rightly so. When the dough, sauce, cheese and toppings all come together in just the right way, few things in life are as satisfying as a well-crafted pizza! And Tomato Charlie’s has been doing great pizza since 1957!

When most people think about thin-crust pizza, they might be thinking of New York-Style pizza. The difference between New York-Style Thin-Crust and Chicago-Style Thin-Crust is the consistency of the final crust. New York-Style Thin-Crust pizza has a soft crust, soft enough that a slice of it can be folded in half. The Chicago-Style Thin-Crust pizza we make here at Tomato Charlie’s has a crispy crust that you wouldn’t be able to easily fold like a New York-Style slice.

But we need to set the record straight! When people see “Chicago-Style” pizza, they tend to automatically think it means “deep-dish.” Not so! Yes, one kind of Chicago-Style pizza is definitely deep-dish, but the other Chicago-Style pizza is Thin-Crust. How is it different from other kinds of pizza?


Chicago-Style Thin-Crust Pizza

So now you know the real story of our Chicago-Style Thin-Crust pizza. Crispier than New York-Style and thinner than Chicago-Style Deep-Dish. Oh, and it’s ROUND as well, unlike Detroit-Style pizza which is rectangular! Hey, you learn something new every day, right? When it comes to styles of pizza, this is just the beginning. Check our Pizza Style Guide article that goes into greater detail about 10 different styles of pizza!